Template Gallery Redesign

WisePops offers powerful tools that allow companies to create targeted popup experiences on their sites. These can be powerful conversion tools for things like e-commerce sites, where a carefully targeted special offer can lead to a sale. This means WisePops' value is directly quantifiable to the companies that use it's product.

My task was to redesign the template gallery so that customers who use WisePops can have a better experience while choosing their template.

Here are my notes:

Problem: Current filtering system is efficient, but takes up horizontal space, requiring thumbnails to be too small.

Solution: Move to a horizontal tab interface to conserve space and let the thumbnails shine.

Problem: "Start from scratch" button is too prominent. It looks like a main CTA, but shouldn't be.

Solution: Make it a tile that gets integrated into the template gallery. Now when a user is browsing and uninspired, they see this option just in time.

Problem: The names of the templates are generic and uninspiring. They also dictate a context (like "New Boots") that will likely be changed by the user.

Solution: Use more emotional and less literal names. It makes things feel more polished. We can also add a short description underneath the name to talk it up a bit. This gives a warmer and more engaging browsing experience.

Problem: Current visual design is ok but not great.

Solution: A cleaner and more polished look takes the product to the next level and creates a higher sense of trust. Neutral and clean design lets the content take center stage. Color is used sparingly with meaning to enhance usability.